"Monument Bay"

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"July 30, 1824, Friday"

"A very stormy Night, with Showers of Rain, stormy Morng and Day. from NW. Very cloudy and cold. Ther +54..."

"July 31, 1824, Saturday"

"A cold windy but clear Night Wind West, blew hard. At 7 AM moderated. At 7:50 set off toPyramid. This was erected yesterday, on a rock nearly circular of abt 60 yds in circumference, its surface a curve, its apex abt 6 ft above level of Lake. This Pyramid is all of stones, its base 6 ft by 6 ft perpend height 7 1/2 ft in the midst of this Pyramid is placed a Cedar Post of 8 in dia and 15 ft high and to this Post is nailed a Tin Plate marked 'No.2 North West Corner of the Lake of the Woods'.

DAVID THOMPSON, long gone but not forgotten, whose rock cairn stands today, in Monument Bay, Lake of the Woods, a memorial to his service and stature as a Canadian explorer and map maker.


The End