"A Tolerable Good Bull"

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"December 12th"

"Ther 30 two degrees below the freezing point. Wind a SSW gale. We went eight miles along the north side of the Turtle Hill and put up. We were all very hungry, and the Dogs were getting weak; we had seriously to attend to hunting; a small herd of bulls were not far off, and three of us went off to them, the two that were with me were to approach by crawling to them, and if they missed, I was to give chase by horseback, for which I was ready; after an hour was spent in approaching them, they both fired, but without effect, the herd started, I gave chase, came up with them and shot a tolerable good Bull; This is the usual manner of hunting the Bison by the Indians of the Plains: This gave us provisions for the present and the Dogs feasted on the offal.