"A Perfect Storm"

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"December 10., 1797 7 AM, thermometer 20 below zero"

"The hummock of woods on the Turtle Hill, which was our mark, gave our course by the compass 30 degrees E. As we had to cross a plain of twenty-two miles, and having felt the severe changes of weather, I desired the men to follow close in file, for they now had faith in the compass. At 7 1/2 AM our bit of a caravan set off; as the dogs were fresh, we walked at a good pace for some time; a gentle south wind arose and kept increasing; by 10 am it was a heavy gale, with high drift and dark weather, so much so that I had to keep the compass in my hand. By noon it was a perfect storm; we had no alternative but to proceed, which we did slowly and with great labour, for the storm was ahead, and the snow drift in our faces.